Your Food Matters

Join best selling author and owner of High Performance Nutrition, Dr. Sue Kleiner, and dietitian and strength coach Erik Bustillo as they share their tips on making food work for you. From practical tips about fueling for optimal performance to tackling the big questions like, ”how do sleep and alcohol really affect my health?” Must-know health tips and stories from two health industry insiders who have dedicated their lives to helping people live their healthiest lives.

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4 days ago

Dr. Sue Kleiner and Erik Bustillo engage in an honest, unfiltered conversation about men's health. Stripping away the clichés, they discuss the real challenges men face and offer practical solutions for a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

Dr. Sue and Erik uncork the narratives behind ready-to-drink favorites. Explore the stories behind the flavors, the buzz, and the health promises that have made these beverages more than just a passing trend. A deep dive into the intriguing tales bottled up in every can.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

In this eco-conscious episode, Dr. Sue & Erik delve into sustainable plant proteins, offering valuable insights into brands, practices, and the environmental impact of dietary choices.

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Dr. Sue and Erik bring you another insightful episode on Your Food Matters, uncovering the keys to a healthy brain. From the benefits of exercise and quality sleep to the significance of creatine, omega-3 fats, and choline, Dr. Sue and Erik offer practical insights into nourishing your brain for a vibrant life.

Friday Nov 03, 2023

Dr. Sue and Erik discuss the journey towards gender equality in scientific research, uncovering historical roots, redefining methodologies, and the role of allies in fostering inclusivity.

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

Join Dr. Sue Kleiner and Erik Bustillo as they share expert insights and practical advice on achieving longevity. From weightlifting and agility to the power of laughter, Dr. Sue & Erik reveal the keys to living a fulfilling and active life.

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Dive into the science behind living a long, fulfilling life with Dr. Sue & Erik on the Your Food Matters podcast. Discover how your dietary choices, physical activity, community engagement, and sleep habits can contribute to a healthier, extended lifespan.

Friday Oct 13, 2023

Dr. Sue & Erik shed light on the sunshine vitamin, helping you understand its significance and how to maintain optimal levels.

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Join Dr. Sue & Erik  as they explore the world of iron deficiency, shedding light on its symptoms and its health affects beyond  anemia, while also addressing iron deficiency through diet and supplementation.

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Explore the world of fish in this episode of the Your Food Matters podcast, hosted by Dr. Sue & Erik. Gain insights into the health benefits, sustainable fishing practices, and considerations about mercury contamination. Listen now to make informed decisions about incorporating fish into your diet.


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